Meet Christina

Christina Pascucci is a native and lifelong Californian, renowned TV broadcaster, tireless community advocate, and expecting mother whose life reflects a steadfast commitment to the wellbeing of Californians.

Her achievements as an Emmy Award-winning journalist, licensed pilot, fluent Spanish speaker, and humanitarian have made her a respected figure in California.


She is running for US Senate to fight like hell for her daughter’s future. The daughter of an immigrant and first generation college graduate knows our politics are broken. Division is at an all-time high and more than 70% of Californians believe the state is in trouble. At a time when disinformation is running rampant, California doesn’t need more polarizing figures, it needs a consensus builder.

We need to reach across the aisle, we need bipartisanship, and we need progress. She believes we are at an inflection point and we must soar above the hostility and divisiveness, or risk the future of our democracy. The American people and Californians deserve to have leaders whose focus is on making life better through meaningful legislation, rather than impeaching one another.


She’s a fearless journalist, having traveled to more than 100 countries and all seven continents in her relentless pursuit of the truth. 

From interviewing the globe’s most influential spiritual and political figures to braving the perils of war zones and championing the cause of justice by exposing and changing corrupt policies, Christina’s zeal for uncovering the truth knows no borders. 

Her dedication led her to the front lines in Armenia to tell the stories of the civilians whose homes had been shelled in Sotk and Jermuk, and to cover the humanitarian crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh. She was honored by the city of Los Angeles for her work.

She also made the journey to the remoteness of Antarctica, to raise awareness around environmental issues. That same passion for the environment and protecting the ocean led her to swim among hundreds of sharks to expose the dark underbelly of the shark finning industry. She journeyed to the slowly vanishing Palau to engage in discussions about climate concerns and sea-level rise with President Thomas Remengesau, who honored her with the role of Goodwill Ambassador to the nation. 

Among her more notable moments was an exclusive interview with the Dalai Lama, who invited her to his palace in India.



Her investigative prowess sparked real change when she delved into the profligate water-use policies of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, pushing the agency to revise its practices and save millions of gallons of water during California’s most dire drought.

Her professional journey has lit a fire of philanthropy within her. During an assignment, she crossed paths with a young Afghan who had fallen victim to an IED near her war-torn homeland. The Children of War Foundation made life-changing surgeries and prosthetics possible, inspiring Christina to become actively involved. She now serves on their board and has embarked on missions to Ukraine, Haiti, Mexico, Central America, and the Middle East.

Christina is also a dedicated ambassador for 88 Bikes, an organization at the forefront of the global battle against child sex trafficking. Through dense jungles in Cambodia, she trekked alongside them to shed light on their tireless efforts to rescue girls as young as four. She brought the lessons learned abroad to her collaboration with the Los Angeles Police Department, where she went undercover to combat human trafficking.


For over a decade, she served as a big sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor program, earning the distinguished title of California’s Big Sister of the Year from among 10,000 mentors. Her dedication to underserved youth was honored by the California Senate. She now proudly serves on the board.

Christina’s tireless advocacy extends to mental health awareness, foster youth, and unhoused families. She believes fervent support of foster youth is a key pillar to fighting homelessness, as they sadly comprise a large percentage of the homeless population. Through her decade-long involvement with the Junior League of Los Angeles, Christina advocated for these causes in Sacramento, and fought to pass bipartisan legislation to support unhoused families.

These topics remain close to Christina’s heart after watching a member of her own family struggle with mental health and addiction issues. Christina often wonders how different their life would have been if it had been identified and treated from an early age.
Christina currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Austin, who is a Partner and Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group. That’s where he focuses on launching innovative businesses and products at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Christina is an avid pilot and they both love to scuba dive. Austin and Christina are expecting their first child next year.