OP-ED: Look beyond the DC Cartel to save California

I am an outsider. I am the type of candidate the establishment would rather ignore. But I am just like you, I am one of your neighbors. Despite its many problems, I believe in California’s greatness. I will bring a fresh perspective and a new vision to the U.S. Senate. My 15 years of experience as a journalist for KTLA and FOX LA has given me a profound insight into the challenges we face and the solutions we need for a stronger, more united California.

Throughout my career, I’ve spoken with thousands of you across California. You shared that you felt ignored by our current leaders, you said that you had trouble affording rent, gas, and groceries, and you didn’t feel safe in your own communities. I understood this all too well, as I too have been impacted by crime. In the last couple of years, my home was burglarized, my car was stolen, and my mother was robbed at Costco. This is not the California that we grew up in, and this is not the California that we deserve.

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