Jobs and Our Economy

Christina’s mother immigrated to the United States with the dream of giving her children a better future. Yet today, too many California families are struggling to make ends meet. Due to inflation and supply chain disruptions, the cost of groceries has gone up over 20% since the beginning of 2020, making it hard for parents to put food on the table let alone save for the future. The cost of heating California homes went up nearly 40% in that time span, and the price of gas has gone up over 40%, according to the Public Policy Institute of California. 

As a journalist, Christina traveled across the state and listened to hundreds of families share their stories of struggle and hardship in their homes.  Christina believes politicians need to care about the mounting monthly bills and expenses of California voters and not just about getting elected.  As Senator, Christina would fight for tax cuts and benefits for working families so their hard-earned paychecks stay in their pockets, business incentives to spur more good-paying jobs, and protections so that all workers receive fair wages and treatment. 

We need to continue California’s tradition of being a hub for an entrepreneurial economy and make sure every corporation pays their fair share, but also has the means to innovate and hire more workers. California is poised to become the world’s 4th largest economy because of the tireless and innovative citizens and we must ensure that when companies succeed, their workers do too.

We can strengthen our economy by addressing many of the problems that face California and this country by working together. As Senator, Christina would fight the extreme partisanship that divides Congress, and work across party lines to advance economic policies that benefit Californians, including, championing policies and investments into expanding jobs, and future-forward incentives for a thriving green economy.