Mental Health Epidemic

The mental health epidemic in America is personal for Christina. She knows firsthand what is like to see a family member struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues. Christina often wonders how different that family member’s life could have been if she had been diagnosed and treated from an early age. The truth is we can’t build a stronger, healthier California without addressing this crisis head-on. 

Overwhelming majorities of Californians know there is a mental health crisis. Anxiety and depression are on the rise. Nearly 1 in 20 Americans have had serious thoughts of suicide in the last year. Four in 10 teens have persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness and 1 in 5 have contemplated suicide. The government has a crucial role in ensuring that people have access to adequate mental health services and support, especially in times of crisis. Shortages in the mental health workforce have only exacerbated the problem. This epidemic needs to be addressed at the highest levels of government and society. 

Christina is the only candidate in the race willing to make fighting this epidemic a cornerstone of her campaign. As a Senator, she would fight to make federal funding for existing mental health and substance abuse treatment permanent and fight to expand access to those programs.  Christina would also fight for funding to address the shortage of behavioral health professionals and increase the availability of services where they are most needed. And she would fight for investments in alternative therapies and innovative strategies to tackle this crisis.