Op-Ed – Pascucci and Early: California’s Senate debate should include truly diverse perspectives, like ours

California’s major media silences political opposition


POLITICO, FOX 11 Los Angeles and USC Dornsife have decided, based on an at-best flawed poll, who to include and exclude from the first major debate in California’s critically important US Senate Race to replace the late Dianne Feinstein. This decision also lacked transparency, as organizers did not provide clear criteria to qualify for the debate.

So who made the cut? No surprise here: Three far-left establishment Democrats — Adam Schiff, Katie Porter and Barbara Lee — and the political non-entity Steve Garvey, who has been hiding from the public for months while he talks baseball.

And who was conveniently excluded? Among others, two polling candidates who represent the ideological diversity of our state: Eric Early, the only Conservative Republican who openly supports Donald Trump, who tied for 5th in the poll; and Christina Pascucci, the only major moderate Democrat in the race, who came in 6th in the poll and who believes the future of our country is at stake as we keep electing the same leaders who have created the problems we see.

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