Westside Current: LA’s Moderate Senate Hopeful, Christina Pascucci, Links Debate Snub to Centrist Views


LOS ANGELES — Christina Pascucci, a well-known journalist from Los Angeles who is now a candidate in the race to succeed Senator Dianne Feinstein, has encountered a challenge after being excluded from an upcoming debate by organizers from USC Dornsife, FOX 11 LA, and POLITICO.

Despite ranking sixth among thirty candidates, Pascucci was not invited to participate. An exclusion she believes is linked to her moderate views on policies impacting constituents. “I understand that they can’t include the nearly 30 candidates, but this debate is a critical opportunity for voters to hear from a political outsider,” Pascucci said during an interview with The Current, emphasizing the importance of diversity in political discourse and her role as a fresh voice in the election.

Pascucci positions herself as a JFK-era Democrat, focusing on fiscal responsibility and advocating for policies that benefit the middle class, such as tax cuts and reduced regulations for small businesses. She also says she’s an “outsider” in the political spectrum. “I’m one of your neighbors. Despite its many problems, I believe in California’s greatness. I will bring a fresh perspective and a new vision to the U.S. Senate.”

In an email to the Current, POLITICO said the debate invitations were extended based on a mid-December poll, which only accounted for the top four candidates. 

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