Foreign Affairs & National Security

As a career journalist who has traveled to more than 100 countries across seven continents, reported from war zones and conflict areas, interviewed major world leaders, worked with children of war, and interviewed top military brass at home, Christina is intimately familiar with the national security challenges our country faces..  

She has worked with children impacted by conflict in Haiti, Ukraine, the Middle East, and Latin America. Christina has documented the devastating effects of violence in countries like Armenia. She understands the growing threat of disinformation on global security issues. She has also seen how partisanship has prevented the US from demonstrating leadership abroad, while protecting the American people at home. 

Christina reported from Ukraine only 20 days after the Russian invasion. She sat with Ukrainians at the kitchen table, hid alongside them in bomb shelters, and prayed with them for better days without violence, death and conflict. 

She crossed into an active war zone to share these people’s stories and assisted a group of surgeons performing life-saving medical treatments on babies just weeks old – surgeries that wouldn’t have happened due to medical professionals being displaced. 

She also traveled to Armenia to bring attention to the plight of the Armenian people as towns bordering Azerbaijan were shelled, and more than 100,000 Armenians were blockaded in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh. While political leaders sent statements condemning the violence, Christina was on the ground with the people impacted, telling their stories and sounding the alarm around the impending humanitarian crisis. The Armenians felt that if America turned their back on them, then Armenia’s attempts to become a democracy was pointless. 


Christina will work tirelessly as U.S. Senator to end endless wars. While she believes we must support Ukraine to stop Putin, she also believes the resources provided must be intentional and strategic; there should be no blank check. 

However, supporting Ukraine is important because should the U.S. allow President Putin to continue his quest past Ukraine to neighboring Poland, a NATO country, that would result in a full-fledged war for America which would be exponentially more costly. That must not happen. 

War in the Middle East

Like many, Christina’s heart has been crushed as she’s watched the tragedy unfold in Israel and Gaza. The protection of innocent civilians must be a priority during this conflict.

She unequivocally condemns Hamas and its attacks against Israel October 7th. The abduction and murder of innocent children, women, men, and the elderly is morally reprehensible. She believes Israel has a duty to keep its citizens safe from terror, to stop Hamas, and also to avoid casualties of innocent civilians in Gaza. 

In addition to obvious humanitarian concerns, Christina believes that it’s in both Israel and Gaza’s best interest to reach lasting peace as soon as possible. The more bloodshed we see, the more extremism will rise.

As a Senator, Christina would put people over politics and push for America to be a leader in protecting life and ending this conflict.  

She would also take action against the alarming rise in antisemitism. It’s unacceptable to see university Presidents hesitate to condemn the threat of genocide against Jews, or groups of activists claiming to want peace for Palestinians, who are outwardly advocating for violence against Jews. Christina would actively combat hate in all forms.